I was born and raised in Iceland but I am now living in Denmark with my husband Steffan. Together we run an architect firm by the name of “einrúm arkitektar“. The meaning of the name has been the theme of all our work. In our minds, the word means the space and the tranquillity that comes from creating something.

The einrúm yarn is spun from Icelandic wool and Thai mulberry silk. I wanted to show the unique characteristics of the Icelandic wool give it a good boost and modernise it.

The essence of einrúm design is to set focus on the enjoyment of knitting, the peace of mind while knitting beautiful and modern garments and the quality of the materials we spend our precious time with.

einrúm operates from Iceland where we have our main office and stock. We have an office in Copenhagen, where we serve the European market.

einrúm ehf
Austurbrún 34
104 Reykjavík
tel: +354 8642883

Tryggevældevej 77
2077 Brønshøj
tel: +45 28616763

The einrúm web is supported by the Technology Development Fund which is managed by The Icelandic Centre for Research: sitelogo_rannis