The calming interplay of mind and hands. Breathe in – breathe out – knitting in line with the rhythm of the breathing

Ever since my grandmother Katrín taught me how to knit I have been fascinated by the rhythm of the knitting pins and the peace of mind that follows once you start knitting. Knitting is the simplest way there is to produce cloth. The tools are simple; knitting pins and yarn. There are only two basic stitches, knit stitch and purled stitch. Your imagination can take over, using only these two stitches, if you allow it. Surely there are other ways you can play with the yarn but when it comes down to it the knit and purl stitches are the foundation, the rhythmic stitches that form the garment you are making.

With the repetition of the movements of the hands, your thoughts become free and uninhibited. Instead, you feel the peace of mind that for many are the key to happiness. You can decide to adjust your breathing to the rhythm of the knitting pins. Knitting the knit stitches while breathing in and purl stitches while breathing out, inhale deeply and knit as many knit stitches as the breathing allows, exhale calmly and at the same time knit as many purl stitches as you can while exhaling. The rhythm reflects your heartbeat, is calming and creates space and consciousness about the here and now.