Story of Two Threads

The Icelandic word einrúm represents the space for creation – the space between the one who creates and that which is created.

The einrúm yarn is the creation of architect Kristín Brynja Gunnarsdóttir. Kristín was born and raised in Iceland but now resides in Denmark where she and her husband own and run an architecture firm that goes by the same name – einrúm. The meaning of the name is a recurring theme in Kristín’s work who describes einrúm as the space between the person that creates and that which is created.

Knitting was a big part of Kristín’s childhood who received the thread, tradition and technique from her grandmother. She taught Kristín to work with and appreciate the Icelandic wool and its qualities; she taught her that it was a material worthy of her time and creations.

The einrúm yarn is a product of tradition and memories; the product of two different threads. The yarn is spun from Icelandic wool and Thai Mulberry silk. The idea of combining the two threads came to Kristín when a friend of hers told her about the Thai silk thread she had gotten to know while in Thailand. The different properties of the Icelandic wool and the Thai silk, who are both products of nature, sparked Kristín’s interest and she started to study the possibilities of joining the two threads.

The need to create and the longing explore new ways of working with the Icelandic wool was the drive behind the development of einrúm. The interaction between the design and the yarn is the essence of einrúm. The yarn and the design highlight each other just as the wool and the silk, bringing out each other’s qualities and uniqueness.

einrúm joins two natural worlds with two natural threads while creating the space for creation.