Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed being creative. I chose to find outlet for my creativity in architecture but since I learned to knit the yarn has been the red thread in my creativity. The anticipation when deciding what to knit and choosing the material, the challenge with transferring a knitting pattern on paper over to the pins and the yarn, the stillness of the mind when hundreds of loops rhythmically form the garment, the satisfaction of a finished product and pride when the garment is used or given to a loved one. 

 This is the foundation for einrúm design and yarn. This is the channel I was introduced to when growing up and I learned to value. I am lucky to have the opportunity to pass on the pleasure, joy and peace of mind that I have enjoyed, to those who want to use the content of this book. 

The book contains 2 designs by Halla Ben and 7 designs by Kristin Brynja Gunnarsdóttir. The patterns are for women, one of them is a unisex pattern. The patterns are of varied skill levels.
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