The sweater is designed by Kristín Brynja Gunnarsdóttir for einrúm L qualities in three sizes. This is the first sweater for which I made a pattern. This is the sweater that makes me want to continue to design knitting patterns. It is plain and doesn’t look like it would be complicated to make but the pattern was quite complex. It made me realise how much work is involved in designing even the simplest knitted garments. I have knitted this sweater many times and used up every one of them. I always have to own at least one sweater like this and you could say that I live in it.

The knitting gauge in the pattern is a guideline. Although the rib pattern looks small while still on the needles, the sweater stretches quite a bit and fits both large and small. The size can be adjusted with finer or larger needles. The sweater adjusts to the body, has a high collar and long sleeves that can be pulled over the hands as mittens or rolled up, depending on the circumstances. It is easy to lengthen or shorten the sleeves, the collar and the body, according to everyone’s preferences.

Body: 5mm (US8) (5.5mm (US9)) 6mm (US10)) 60cm circular needles.
Sleeves: Set of double ended 4mm (US6) (4.5mm (US7)) 5mm (US8) needles and a short 5mm (US8) (5.5mm US9)) 6mm (US10) circular needle.

The pictured sweater is worked in L-yarn colour 2002 Skólisít.
500 – 600 g einrúm L-yarn qualities.